Tell me a story

Which are the most beautiful stories from your life? The childhood ones, of course. Their heroes walk along  us, children and adults alike, all our lives, accompanying us in various  moments, populating our dreams, shaping our ambitions. We read, we watch movies, on YouTube; we follow anxiously the adventures of our heroes, though we all know that the good will win.

Some of us have the power to create heroes and stories, to lure us into their world of fantasy and imagination. These are the authors. We’ve searched for them, the young authors; in the project Tell me a story. We sought to catch the beginnings of their journey into this life, the moment when all the dreams are possible, when the heroes are themselves, when the imagination flies unrestrained by maturity and experience.

Eva, Pavel, Mihai, Dan, Diana, Tudor, Maya, Floriana, Ioan, Dragos, Denis, Vlad, Rares, Andreea, Emanuel, Valentin, Marius, Roberto, joined us, The Volum Art Association, in the Tell me a story adventure and these are their stories that take us into the fantasy world of childhood. The making of these comics was possible due to a few people who accompanied and advised them with love and admiration during this project: Octav Ungureanu, Filip Columbeanu, Maria Murgu, Marius Hodea, Nina Mihăila and Radu Igazsag.

The VolumArt Association, Judit, Corina, Irina and Roxana, presents with joy and pride their stories. What’s your story?

The comics exhibition is open until July 14 at Ferdinand I School, 16 Garii Obor. From 16th of July the exhibition will be moved to the National Art Museum, Calea Victoriei nr.49-53.

Tell me a story is a project co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration. Partners: Ferdinand I School, The Social Incubator, UNATC, CINETic, MNAR

The project doesn’t necessarily represent the position of Administrația Fondului Cultural Național. AFCN in not responsible of the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project can be used. These are the full responsibility of the recipient of the funding.

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