Volum Art Association launches a new call for projects for the programme Expanded Space.

The call is open throughout the period July 05 – July 31, 2017.

This year’s edition of Expanded Space, with the title Cool monuments – hot heads, is structured around the notion of public monument. It intends to explore the manifold directions facilitated by its presence in the public space, questioning concepts such as monumentalization, memorialization, commemoration, collective memory, national identity, public space, community. Can we represent history and common values without simplifications, exclusions or the mystified figure of a grand-homme/hero? What significance can the counter-monument have today, given that the resources of critical action seem to have been lost by being captured and redistributed within an expanding experience industry and tentacular (semio)capitalism? How can monumentalization be avoided without entailing a depolitization of memory? We seek to investigate and explore new perspectives on these practices, attempting to identify and shed a new light on places, people and meanings, as well as on practices and politics of memory capable of projecting alternative futures and thus, to dislocate the stiff and predetermined frames through which we construct an understanding of the present. We are also interested in events from recent history that have been forgotten or ignored in current practices of remembrance. Starting from the specificity of Bucharest’s public space, we will investigate new possibilities of representation and expression of local memory and history.

This year’s curator is Cristian Nae – an art critic, historian and theorist who works in Iași, where he teaches at “George Enescu” National University of Arts. His research and publishing activity are focused especially on the conjunction between aesthetics and politics in conceptual art and photography, on the history of exhibitions and on critical art and the political imaginary in post-socialism, Cristian Nae is a curator and a permanent collaborator of Vector Association and of the Center for Contemporary Photography in Iași, where he has coordinated several projects of artistic research on practices and politics of memory.

The artists are invited to propose temporary site-specific works: sculptures, installations, object-sculptures, performance. The space designated for the setup of the object or for the course of the intervention is to be chosen by the artist and should be motivated in the application. The proposed projects should answer to the theme outlined above, should be executed specifically for Expanded Space and this should be the first time they are publicly presented (they should not have been previously presented in the context of another project, exhibition, event, etc.).

The organisers will cover the production of the works within the limit of the overall budget, without the cost of one work exceeding the sum of 7000 lei gross.

Items to be included in the application:

1. Application form (which can be downloaded here);

2. The presentation of the project/s proposed (an artist can present up to three projects) which should contain:

a) The description of the project (description, technical details and the requested budget);

b) Photo montage;

c) The concept (which should imply its link to the proposed theme);

3.   CV, artist statement, photo of the artist;

4.   Portfolio (5 representative artworks from the last 5 years)


1.   Deadline for submitting projects: July 31, 2017, 24.00

2.   Announcement of the projects selected by the project team: August 5, 2017

3.   Duration of the intervention: October 4 – November 15, 2017

4.   Place: Bucharest – the spaces for interventions are chosen by the artists in conexion with the proposed project

The proposals should be sent to:

Team: Judit Balko, project manager; Mihai Balko, coordinator; Cristian Nae, curator

Project financed by by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

Partners:   Centre for Excellence in Image Studies (CESI), Radio Guerrilla

Media partners: Zeppelin, WebCultura, VeiozaArte, ArtClue, Modernism,

The project doesn’t necessarily represent the position of Administrația Fondului Cultural Național. AFCN in not responsible of the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project can be used. These are the full responsibility of the recipient of the funding.

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