In 2011 Volume Art Association launched the Expanded Space ( Spatiu expandat) public art program. In the long run, Expanded Space, aims to challenge and change the way Romanian public space is perceived, both in terms of its geographical limits and from a conceptual point of viwer, contributing to its transformation from a space shaped by economic or social grievances into a space of artistic expression. Through this programme the asociation aims to support artists who work in/with the public space, and foster the public interest for contemporary art.

In the short run, the program aims to create a framework that will allow the artists to react to contemporary social problems, to create and bring into the public space artworks that turn the spotlight on these problems, allowing, at the same time, for a direct interaction with the audience. We also aim to raise awareness with respect to the problems identified by the artists (within the framework of the proposed topic of each year’s project) and to the role that the art can play in addresing social and cultural problems of the city.