Expanded Space 2012

The Expanded Space – individual and mass project was organized in Bucharest, between April 19 – October 31 2012 and it is the second one within the framework of Expanded Space program.

This year’s theme, individual and mass, highlighted both the way in which public space is perceived and the relationship between its protagonists. This relationship between individual and mass is an antagonistic one: the individual stands for the singular, while mass/the crowd is the undefined form, a background against which the individual becomes manifest within the public space. From this point of view, the individual could be someone anonymous who loses his/her identity in the crowd or, conversely, the very source of the crowd’s identity. This interpretation of the two opposite notions is not a normative one; the artists were free to extend this theme’s area of significations. The artists who took part in this project offered interesting and often diverging interpretations of the theme Individual and mass, while suggesting site-specific approaches for integrating the work in the urban landscape.

The works that were created and shown within the project were selected as a result of a call for projects that was open between April 19 and May 20 2012.

Between June 20-30, 2012, the seven projects that were meant to be created over the next two months (Mihai Balko – My stomach, Claudiu Cobilanschi – The column of bosses, Ileana Oancea – The street, Dorina Horătău – Here/beyond, Marcel Scutaru – Leader and mass, Cristina Iacobescu – Scene of the crime, Judit Balko – My wall), were presented at the Individual and mass exhibition, hosted by the Cărtureşti Verona Bookstore.

My stomach, The column of bosses, The street, Here/ beyond, Scene of the crime, My wall are the projects that were finalized and seen by the Bucharest public between September and October 2012. The locations that were chosen for these works created a special route through the center of the city, which could be easily travelled by foot, offering the public the possibility to (re)discover unusual rhythms, histories, scenarios, and connections.  

In order to easily follow this cultural itinerary, the organizers have provided the general public with a freely available map, which highlighted the six locations where the artworks were installed.

During both the opening and the entire run of the exhibition, the art interventions in the Bucharest public space have drawn a large number of people, eager to interact with them. The varying shapes, sizes and textures of the six works offered the public several ways to relate to them: sitting down/relaxing, transgressing or becoming part of the work. The public also witnessed a different type of interaction through Valentina Chiriţă’s performances, which took place next to the My stomach and The street artworks.

Mihai Balkomy stomach

Claudiu Cobilanschithe column of bosses

Ileana Oanceathe street

Dorina Horatauhere/beyond

Cristina Iacobescuthe scene of the crime

Judit Balkomy wall

Created and coordinated by: Judit & Mihai Balko

Contributors: Adrian Guţă, art critic and historian, Angelica Iacob, arts education specialist and cultural manager, Raluca Voinea, curator, Anton Breiner consultant.

Supported by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

Parteners: AdBrain Parteners, Radio Guerrilla, Carturesti, Global Mindscape

Sponsor: Brutariile Paul